Natural Herbal Balms

Natural Herbal Balms Natural Herbal Balms Natural Herbal Balms


Here you can see some of the beautiful herbal balms I make. I am a big lover of nature & the environment and have been on a journey to live more naturally and consciously. I began making herbal balms for friends and family and with such positive feedback,  decided to make more & allow others to buy them. 

The Greenie Queenie Balms

What makes my herbal balms stand out from the rest, is that they are not just a balm with added essential oils. My herbal balms use carefully chosen herbs and are lovingly infused for weeks in the oil. This process extracts all of the beneficial properties from the herbs into the oil which is then enhanced with the awesomeness of carefully selected essential oils. 

All of my balms have been signed off and assessed by the Cosmetic Safety Assessment and each batch of balms has been lab tested and approved. 



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