About Me

Hi! I'm Gemma and live in Surrey and am a mum to a feisty 7 year old. I run a Digital Marketing business from home, as well as an Eco-friendly blog but always make time for herbs! 

With a passion for finding more natural ways of living that was not harming the environment led to to cut out toxins and nasties from my skin care.  That is when I fell in love with the power of plants & herbs. Many years ago, people relied solely on the healing properties of plants but over time, with the introduction of modern medicine we have lost the knowledge that used to get passed down through generations. 

I choose organic ingredients and lovingly prepare oil infusions which take 6-7 weeks to ensure maximum extraction of the herb properties. 

I have found that making my own balms can be just as effective, more natural & healthier. 

Please note that I am not registered or regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council. I am not and do not employ any individual/s who holds qualifications with respect to the sale, manufacture or assembly of medicinal products. I have completed home herbalist courses but am not a professional Herbalist (maybe one day!).